ABC BIRTHING -                                     It's all about you
Parenting Workshops in Northampton
Come and join us for a relaxing and entertaining parenting films.
Honest accounts of actual birthing
"Being Dad" 
"Being Dad2"
Details to be confirmed 
  • Dad's Workshops
  • SHHHHHH It's a sercet - for New Mums
  • Birth Tea and Cake Cafes
  • VBAC Workshops (Vaginal Birth after Cesaerean)
  • WaterBirth Workshops
  • Doula ( Birthing Companions) Explained
  • Baby & Child First Aid Northampton (Red Cross)
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Please contact me for further details.
Gill Blayney PDC.Hyp MBSCH  Contact :- 07801 367 989
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